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Interstellar New Deal (IND) unequivocally stands with Palestine and Palestinians!

The top 2/3's shows Palestine's buildings devastated by Israeli bombs dropped during Israel's late 2023 ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestinian civilians. Smoke is being emitted towards the back of the image and some grey clouds in the sky. Palestinians in the lower left-hand quadrant look at the destruction of their homes and lives. The bottom 1/3 has a solid black background with 3 short lines of text, along with the Palestinian flag in the bottom left-hand corner and the Interstellar New Deal logo in the upper right-hand corner of this section, respectively. The text within this section is colored with colors from the Palestinian flag. The first color used is red, then green, then white, and is as a follows: Interstellar New Deal (IND) unequivocally stands with Palestine and Palestinians! In the bottom right-hand corner is: www.InterstallarNewDeal.global
Interstellar New Deal (IND) unequivocally stands with Palestine and Palestinians!

Read our quick post: Interstellar New Deal (IND) unequivocally stands with Palestine and Palestinians!

I. What is the Interstellar New Deal?

The Interstellar New Deal is evolutionary, technocratic, radically progressive, humanistic, sustainable, and is powerfully driven by a vision for a finally peaceful and space-faring Humanity whose eco-humanist ideals will result in the radical transformation of Humanity to evolve beyond poverty, war, and suffering.

James O’Neill (FreeXenon.com)

II. Policy Expectations?

Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity – in all this vastness – there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

Car Sagan from his Pale Blue Dot speech, 1994

What sort of issues and ideas might you find with the Interstellar New Deal?

  • Social Values Transformation
  • Economies for the Common Good
  • Ending the Wars
  • Electoral Reform
  • High Minimum Wage and a Low Maximum Wage
  • Universal Health Care
  • Universal Education
  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection and Remediation
  • Considerable Funding for NASA
  • and so much more…

III. Book Format

The content on this site is arranged in a book format, because I am hoping to have the entire site’s main content downloadable in a book format at some point. Having my policies on its own site will make it easier to adjust the content to fit in this more expansive format.

IV. Content Arrangement

The book format has 3 major areas (font matter, book content, back matter) with the main book content being arranged into 4 distinct sections as you will see in the main navigation area and as listed below:

  1. Front Matter (~ 5 pgs)
  2. Main Book Content (total ~210 pgs)
    1. Introduction (~15 pgs)
    2. Part I – Philosophical Foundations (4 sections – 33 pgs)
    3. Part II – Global Domestic Policies (10 sections – 155 pgs )
    4. Part III – Evolving Humanity Beyond War, Poverty, and Suffering (1 section – 7 pgs)
  3. Back Matter (~ 0 pgs)