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My Platform

If you ever wanted to know what sort of political platform I (James O’Neill) would run on, then it would be exactly like what follows in this site. The policies herein should be promoted worldwide to work towards a more peaceful world until as such time as Humanity has transcended the need for such things or when significantly better policies, techniques or technologies are available.

These polices tend to be VERY US-centric (because I am an American) and these will reflect the very depressing social, economic, political and environmental realities here, but many will be quite applicable to most all other nations as well in one form or another. However, as a note, the Nordic states and a few others are so far ahead of the US and the rest of the world that is quite embarrassing, although there are some policies here which they could use as well.

If you would like a more contemporary comparison of what my platform is like then it would be like mashing Bernie Sander’s policies with the Green New Deal (bill submitted to congress or Green Party) and then jack it up at least two levels of radicalness.

Understand the Root Problems

Making things better requires that you understand how the problems were created in the first place (the root problem). If you do not understand the root cause of the symptoms when you implement a solution then its various symptoms may go into remission for a time, but they will inevitably rise again. Once you have really researched the issues and you understand its root cause then you can create a solution that will solve the problem en toto so that neither the root cause nor its symptoms will ever rise again.

Global problems tend to stem from 3 primary root causes:

  1. A denial of our mutual interdependence with each other and the natural world.
  2. A completely broken or absent value system within society, corporations, government, and the economic system and the political process.
  3. Inequality at all levels

Therefore, much of the policies you will see present in the ginormous middle phase (Global Domestic Policies) will be policies that will radically target these 3 root issues.

Real Radical Change is Required

We cannot pursue the universally regressive and devastating policies of the Republican Party (far, far right). We also cannot pursue death by stagnation and incrementalism which is the current motto of the corporate owned Democratic Party (moderate conservative). We need to stop attempting policies and philosophies that we know will not work and which got us in this mess in the first place. You cannot fix a problem with the same thoughts, methods, and ideas that created it.

If we want real change, especially with the Earth and Humanity suffering from Climate Change (which we have known about since the mid 1800’s) and being on the verge of the Sixth Great Extinction (the Anthropocene Era), then we must embrace radical and aggressive change. Any proposed reforms that are NOT radical (especially by America’s warped right-wing standards) are NOT worth looking at and are a specific attempt to profit from the misery and suffering of our fellow humans while wasting what precious little time we have left on this planet as we circle the drain towards our inevitable extinction.

Maximizing Humanity’s Potential

As a general goal, most of these policies first target solving the plethora of iniquities currently plaguing Humanity and then they work towards maximizing each person’s individual health, happiness, and potential. Specifically, engaging in any policy which inhibits, diminishes, or harms the environment or other humans harms us all for we are all connected. If even one human has has lost health, happiness, or an ability to engage and be productive in the way that would like, is a loss to all of Humanity.

We have the knowledge, the technology, and the resources for all of Humanity to live wonderful and fulfilling lives if we unite as one species and intelligently manage our global resources.

A Long Term Vision For Humanity

Here is a powerful quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson from his Keynote Speech for the 28th National Space Symposium (2012):

As goes the health of our spacefaring ambitions so to goes the spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual, the creative, and the economic ambitions of a nation.

Neil deGrasse Tyson from his Keynote Speech for the 28th National Space Symposium in 2012

If you have not watched that video, then please watch it now.

Any plan for Humanity that really wishes to bring about true and lasting change must have:

  • a very long term and enduring vision of what that change would look like and how that could possibly manifest;
  • a deep sorrow for the broken world of today, but yet enough hope and optimism to forge a future with not only a Humanity united together, but also a Humanity that is evolved to be an interstellar species.

Both of these are very necessary for our survival for without these two integral pieces Humanity shall always be at odds with each other stricken with poverty, war, and suffering through the horrors and corruptions of monetary systems and political systems which would mean not only violence, suffering, and war here on Earth, but also in space as we reach out to explore and colonize the universe too.

As its is below (on Earth), so shall it be above (in space).

We MUST have a powerful vision of a Humanity that is freely roaming and exploring  the entirety of the wonders that our universe and all of its billions and billions of galaxies has to offer. Without this all encompassing and universe spanning vision that powerfully taps into our sense of awe, our desire to explore, and our intense desire to solve problems then things will falter and our lack of vision would limit us to a myopic sense of what is truly possible, therefore we must choose to dream big.

We MUST also have a powerful vision for a Humanity that is united and peaceful, for without that there is only competition, poverty, war, and universal suffering which is what we are tormenting each other with now. The world of today is NO future for Humanity to aspire to or any sort of future that we should accept. We CAN do better than that. We MUST do better than that because our very existence as a species depends upon it.

Fixing Earth and is plethora if iniquities may seem like a good ending vision, but that goal, in any real sense, is merely the beginning, and such a myopic and terra-centric vision should only be seen as a first step – the staging ground for Humanity to truly leave its infancy as a warring and polluting sapient species to begin its dangerous and tenuous journey into its next phase of existence as peaceful and interstellar species.

Even at this precarious time in our existence with climate change threatening our extinction, Humanity has the knowledge, the technology, and the resources to fix all of our problems, and we could easily do so within a decade with a united Humanity. When we work together all things all possible and that is why we need to have the vision that embraces this as a core ideal – A United Humanity.