A Living Book

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Book Shall Change as I Learn and Grow

This “book” shall be ever changing as I update it at whim to reflect my ever evolving understanding of the issues that face Humanity and how to solve them.

Major Edits

I will only list major updates for the current year here in case you stop by again want to know if any major changes were made.

Jun 23 started move from Free Xenon to here (InterstellarNewDeal.global)
Jun 13 added section for public educational program and one of genetic and digital genetic databases
Jun 5 added section for ethical government oversight
May 30 Add several sections for Planning for an Interstellar Humanity
May 23 Moved the Economies for the Common good text to the Philosophical Foundations section
Apr 5 added the The Four Deadly Industries and reorganized the introduction
Mar 2 added section for Universal Declaration of Rights for Mother Earth
Jan 4 Updated Taxes section, minimum wage, added link to Google Sheets Spreadsheet