III. Evolving Beyond Poverty, War, and Suffering10 min read

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Cityscape by The Venus Project
Cityscape by The Venus Project

Page Note

This page is a bit of a mess right now, because of the inherent complexity of the topic. I will be updating it as I go. This topic really needs a large set of pages to really do it justice. I am working on a blog post titled “Humanity’s Terminal Disease – the Disease of Separation” which will tie into this topic perfectly too.


A. General Overview

If, somehow, we have managed to implement most all of my Global Domestic Policies while engaging in radical values changes and Planning for an Interstellar Humanity, then the next natural evolutionary step will be the transition to a post-scarcity society or what is called a Resource Based Economy (RBE). Evolving beyond our species’ infancy and into the adulthood found in becoming a cooperative and peaceful globalized civilization will also require this evolutionary step otherwise war, poverty, competition, and environmental destruction will surely destroy us first which is what we are seeing now.

Ridding Humanity of global inequality, war, poverty, pollution, and suffering will only be truly possible once we have evolved beyond the horrors of competition, corruption, debt, profit no matter the cost, division, nationalism, and environmental destruction caused by monetary systems; and then evolve into a Resource Based Economy for there are no other roads which will lead to a radical and wonderful level of equality, progress, peace, as well as a united Humanity.

Here is a quote from my Cancer of Capitalism post to help accentuate this idea:

Can you name me any country which has eliminated poverty? No, you cannot. Where is the country with the lowest poverty in the world? It is in one of the Nordic countries and that poverty level is about 3%. Even they cannot end poverty. Any economic system which has any non-zero level of poverty is a complete and absolute failure and that is what we are faced with today.

James O’Neill, The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote (Nov 2017)

We do not know what it takes to get there yet, because there have not been any post-scarcity societies in existence yet, but we must aim for this because Humanity’s very existence will depend upon us making this transition.

Most of the policies stated in this site have been added in order to prepare Humanity for this eventual and amazing step, to get us to a point where the transition to a Resource Based Economy would be the next logical step.

We can accomplish this amazing feat.
We have the knowledge.
We have the technology.
We have the resources.
We just need to find the will to make it happen.

Hopefully, in this page I can start to help you start to assemble the understanding required to support this idea. I cannot put into your head my last 15 years of studying and research, so this page will act as a starting point for your awakening as well as save you over a decade of work.

B. Essential Reading for Understanding Structural Root Causes to Humanity’s Many Problems

If you really want to understand the why this is necessary and how it is possible then please read the 4 recommended books because they lay down the intellectual and academic foundation for how and why it is not only possible, but why this step is absolutely necessary. These books summarize the pinnacle of my last 15 years of reading, research, and writing about politics and the causes of and solutions to Humanity’s many, many issues. You will NOT be disappointed by what you learn within those amazing books. They changed my life and they will change yours too.

If you have NOT taken the time to read the books I recommend from the Introduction section:

… then please take the time to do that, because I can only give you a hint of the revelations that they contain. You will not be disappointed. I will wait here while you read them.

C. Overview of the Required Book Reading

Day 1 of Learning of TVP – There is absolutely no way this could work! Day 15 – It could work, but one does not simple ‘change the world. Day 30 – Needed for our survival a Resource Based Economy is. Inevitable the transition is.
Day 1 of Learning of TVP – There is absolutely no way this could work!
Day 15 – It could work, but one does not simple ‘change the world.
Day 30 – Needed for our survival a Resource Based Economy is. Inevitable the transition is.

If you have already read the books I talk about above, then the rest of this section will already make an incredible amount of sense to you. Here is the short break down of how those amazing books connect some very important dots for you:

  1. The Universal Harms of Income Inequality – The Spirit Level and The Inner Level explain how income inequality causes many of society’s problems: teenage pregnancy, maternal death, rates of incarceration, literacy rates, rates of crime, life expectancy, social trust, and so much more. These problems affect ALL of us including the rich and the poor too. The rich here live shorter lives than those in more equal countries. Everyone is affected by the harms of inequality.
  2. Monetary Systems Cause Income Inequality – Obviously, we cannot have income inequality without the presence of income, which requires monetary systems to even be a thing, so monetary systems by their very existence create income inequality and a host of other related problems such as nationalism and war. Both The New Human Rights Movement and the Best Money Can’t Buy tackle the issues with monetary systems and how they create our many, many problems.
    1. The New Human Rights Movement tackles explaining it from a powerful and studied academic standpoint and it is an amazing read.
    2. The Best Future Money Can’t Buy tackles this with logic and an amazing understanding of human nature.
  3. A Radically Equal and Free Society that is Intelligently Managed While Taking Advantage of Technological Advancements is the Answer – Both The New Human Rights Movement and The Best Money Can’t Buy also show us how to solve the income inequality and monetary system problem by recommending a powerful socioeconomic answer – a Resource Based Economy.
    1. The New Human Rights Movement tackles explaining it from a powerful and studied academic standpoint and it is a amazing read.
    2. The Best Future Money Can’t Buy tackles this with logic, but more importantly it tackles it by presenting a Resource Based Economy with vision and beautiful visuals so you can see what it may look like and how it may manifest.

I talk about the genesis for this problem in this page: Tension within Methods of Exchange.

I. Resource Based Economy

A. Overview of a Resource Based Economy

My post The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote, which was written in late Nov 2017, but has been edited a lot since then, crudely covers this issue (prior to knowing about the income inequality part). In that post I talk about why monetary systems cause our many, many issues, and what some of those issues are, as well as why it is an imperative that Humanity evolve beyond monetary systems and into a Resource Based Economy, so please pop over there now and take the time to really read and consider the thoughts there:

<insert post to read here: The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote>

My post explains many things, however, more importantly, at the end of that post I also provide passive (videos) and active (reading) learning paths for your to pursue. There are quite a few videos there for your to watch as well as recommending the last 2 books from the list above so you can immerse yourself into this amazing topic. Also, contained within is my piece titled “The Domestication of the Velociraptor” which is a commentary on capitalism.

Here is a quick video (~ 4 minutes long) from The Venus Project which gives you an overview of what a Resource Based Economy is:

Introduction to a Resource Based Economy (The Venus Project)

Here is a longer video (1 hour and 16 minutes) about RBE from TROM (Be prepared for a Scottish accent! )

Resource Based Economy- The Venus Project (TROM)

Please check my Cancer of Capitalism post for more ideas, resources, and videos to further your understanding of what a Resource Based Economy is and why we need to work towards it. I really need write a massive update to my above post which integrates the revelations from The Spirit Level and The Inner Level. Hopefully, someday I will have the time. Hmmm…

B. Learn More About Resource Based Economies

1. My Other RBE Posts

My Cancer of Capitalism post has links to these posts too, but I will post my other RBE posts here too:

2. RBE Political Party – The Money Free Party

If you really, want to get down with the sickness, then you may want to look at the Resource Based Economy based party called the Money Free Party. I know, it really sounds strange. Just take a look at what Steve Saylor has to say – he has nine videos for you, but here is the first to get you started:

Here are the rest of his videos if you would like to learn more: Money Free Party Campaign Videos with Steve Saylor.

3. Other Related Posts

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