The 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity11 min read

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Map of the 8 Philosophical Pillars of Peace
Map of the 8 Philosophical Pillars of Peace


The 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (8P3H) shall lie at the heart of and form the foundations of Humanity’s society, culture, citizens, and organizations, as well as its governmental bodies, institutions, and associations. The constitutions and laws of humanity, as well as the activities of its citizens and governmental bodies, shall embody and implement the 8P3H to help ensure the peaceful existence of all of Humanity within itself and with all of existence.

The 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity are:

  1. Interdependence
  2. Humanity
  3. Natural World
  4. Sustainability
  5. Education
  6. Equity
  7. Justice and Compassion
  8. Science and Technology

The 8 Pillars

Article 1 – Interdependence

Symbol for Interdependence
Symbol for Interdependence

Evil results from the abject rejection of our mutual and visceral interdependence with one another, with the natural world, and with the cosmic.

James E. O’Neill IV

Humanity exists as part of an interdependent web of life in the Universe (space, planets, stars, nebulae, air, water, plants, animals, insects, microbes; emotions, passion, knowledge, inspiration) and our thoughts, science, research, policies, services, education system, and values, etc should reflect, honor, embrace, and respect our interdependence, because to affect one part of existence shall affect all in a mutually destructive, benign, or beneficial chain reaction which we may not fully understand or be able to perceive the ramifications of (i.e Butterfly Effect).

‘Isms (such as sexism, racism, nationalism, patriotism, etc) all throughout Humanity’s history, cultures, values, and morals as well as perpetuating the structural violence inherent in economic systems are all symptoms of the disease of separation from one another, not finding sacred the interdependence, the interconnectedness we all bear from the very nature of our mutually dependent existence.

Species extinctions, ecological destruction, climate change, the poisoning of our food, land, air, and water, the diseases of civilization are all symptoms of Humanity’s separation from the natural world and forsaking our interdependence with it.

The unity of humanity as a collective community coming together in mutual support and understanding will be required to ensure the harmonious existence of individuals, society, Humanity, and the natural world as we explore the vast expanse of interplanetary and interstellar space far beyond this pale blue dot, our planet of origin, called Earth.

Article 2 – Humanity

Many of the horrors that Humanity has inflicted on each other results from the dehumanizing of another fellow human being (or group of human beings), which is part of the ‘isms diseases such as nationalism, patriotism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc that we are infected with.

We must always remember that a person or group of individuals is not wholly encompassed by whatever label has been inflicted upon them. They, like ourselves, are humans. We all bleed, love, desire, and fear. We all have names, family, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends. We are always more than any single label or descriptor. Life and people are much more complicated than that. We have more in common with those peoples that our governments, the rich, and corporations would have us label as enemy than we do those who demand the labeling for their own benefit. This is divide and conquer and we should not fall for it.

Forgetting or denying that while using the label and ‘ism of choice has been a method of justification to commit horrific atrocities world-wide such as:

  • violence, torture, or war
  • police brutality
  • all religious violence and oppression
  • the genocide of the Jews by the Nazi’s
  • the slaughter of the Palestinians
  • the African slave trade by white Europeans
  • the slaughter of Indigenous populations
  • the attacks on transgendered and homosexual populations
  • the attacks on ethnic or religious minority populations

Everything that is done should always take into account how it will affect Humanity for what is the point to anything if it harms us (or we harm each other) and our ability to live peacefully on this planet and throughout the universe together. Humanity will strive to promote the common welfare and happiness for all of Humanity which includes, but is not limited to: life, love, children, family, the propagation of human species, artistic creativity, innovation, labor, education, and progress.

We are one species, one family, one peoples, one Humanity. We are  interdependent upon one another, and ALL shall bear the harms of the labels inflicted upon even just one of us. Humanity will never be at peace until we transcend such ignorance, exploitation, fear, and vileness.

Article 3 – Natural World

Humanity exists within and is dependent upon the natural world and its variable ecosystems – from the air, water, plants, animals, insects, microbes to the weather. We must acknowledge and honor that we exist as a part of the global ecosystem and that we are NOT above it, better than it, or exist outside of it. We are a visceral and integral part of it and we can be its effective stewards and protectors.

If we destroy our global ecosystems through pollution and the devastation of the natural world then we may not have a world left to live on. And, as we are currently seeing with climate change, our planet of origin that we call Earth, is trying to destroy like we were a virus and I do not blame it.

If we do not take care of the Earth through recycling, sustainable energy, ending pollution, environmental conservation and protection then there will be nothing left. At what point will we realize we cannot eat, breath, or drink money? What will have to happen in order for people to realize that destroying the Earth and making it complete uninhabitable for Human life is a horrible plan. You cannot buy your way out of global destruction. Not even the rich will be free from that.

Article 4 – Sustainability

We have but one world and one universe. Humanity, as we traverse and explore our own planet, other terrestrial environments, or even the vast depths of space, should not be like a plague or a virus destroying, polluting, or consuming everything in our path, because if we poison our environment (like we are doing now) and universe then we will not be able to breathe, eat, drink, or exist, for humans are dependent upon our environment for resources and sustenance.

The preservation and remediation of terrestrial and interstellar environments should be a primary concern in all we do. We should attempt to leave the universe better than we found it, for, if not, then such destruction will come back to haunt us, if not destroy us, for all is connected.

Conservation, remediation and protection of the environment should be at the forefront of all policy, planning, research, and consideration. Sustainability must also extend to cover manufacturing, design and other technical and social processes as well so as to prevent or limit the further need for preservation or remediation.

Article 5 – Education

A universal lack of access to quality and holistic education promotes fear and ignorance which is the festering rot that breeds the many ‘isms and regressions that Humanity is replete with. There is NO excuse for a society allowing this to happen for such things hurts all, not just the affected individuals or specific socioeconomic demographics.

A well informed and educated populace is the most powerful and important investment we make in our children and in society in general, and it is what drives creativity, innovation, understanding, and the destruction of Humanity’s many, many regressions. It is also the bedrock for equity and peace for all of Humanity.

All should have free access to education at all levels so each person may unleash their potential and be able to contribute to society as powerfully as possible, and in what ways they wish to. Our educational systems should reflect the values stated in this page since they are the heart of Human society, culture, government, progress, and universal peace.

Article 6 – Equity

An agonizing effect of economic systems is structural violence through massive inequality causing those few to have an obscene abundance of resources at the expense of others, causing many to have none and to suffer in poverty, despair, and death. Inequality is the progenitor of war, poverty, ignorance, exploitation, violence, crime, and the wasting of a human’s lifetime of potential and brilliance, all of which should always be seen as a crime – a crime against Humanity. It is not ever needed because we have enough resources world-wide for all to live comfortably if it is managed intelligently and sustainably.

Equity will form the basis for empowering each person to be able to reach their full potential. It is in all of Humanity’s interests for all to have access to the wonders that the universe, knowledge, and technology can provide so that we may grow and attempt to realize our full potential and foster peace and universal progress throughout Humanity.

All people should be equal in dignity, freedom, and expression, and have equal access to resources, education, healthcare, and other necessities of life to enable them to fully participate and make a difference in society. We should not be judged by who we love, the color of or skin, the language we speak, where we come from, and so on, but on who we are as a being.

Article 7 – Justice and Compassion

Without justice or compassion as a guiding force there is but inhumanity, revenge, violence, and exploitation. For too long has Humanity been a slave to the letter of the law and not the spirit that should guide it. Such legalism has resulted in irrevocable harms to many, many people all throughout history – the law used as a tool for suppression, vengeance, exploitation, control, and murder without recourse to our Humanity.

Physical, emotional, and mental violence and harm perpetrated merely for punishment’s sake by legal systems because that is what the law says and is what best embodies our willful and non-willful ignorances; and not because that is what will be effective or will result in real remediation or change in the individual person, nor does it reduce recidivism rates.

Justice and Compassion should be the lens through which we view all decisions in society and in government. Humanity will strive for a society and government driven by ethics, fairness, remediation, justice, compassion, respect, and openness; not brutality, revenge, legalism, and punishment for punishment’s sake.

Article 8 – Science and Technology

Humanity as a collective secular entity, shall strive to use science and the scientific method, reason, critical and rational thought, the belief in the boundless potential of human reason, our ever-expanding knowledge of the Universe, and the many scientific and technological advancements to make the universe freer, cleaner, happier, healthier, and a more sustainable and more understandable place for ALL of Humanity while honoring our mutual interdependence with all of existence.

We have almost all of the technology, knowledge, and resources we need to solve all of Humanity’s problems, such as: abundant and clean food and housing, abundant energy, curing disease, and living healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. Intelligent and sustainable global management of the world’s resources using AI, automation, and 3D printing will allow everyone to have what they need and to live amazing and free lives. We have everything we need today to make this happen. Our many divisions and regressions as well as economic systems are what stand in our way to achieving this.

Public Education Plan

A public education and information plan should be created to promote these philosophical pillars using media such as:

  • Education:
    • classes in our schools
    • an interdisciplinary degree paths specializing in an individual Pillar
    • public classes available
    • games and events that promote, educate, and strengthen these connections
  • Online
    • Youtube videos
    • social media program
    • infographics
    • advertising PSA’s
  • Major Media
    • public service educational announcements (PSAs)
    • short TV shows or informational segments
    • short radio shows or informational segments
    • newspaper advertisements or articles
    • flyers and other pamphlets
  • Holidays
    • There needs to be a global holiday each year, one for each of the pillars where edutainment and various other events are scheduled to reinforce these pillars and our interdependence and interconnectedness.

Understanding and promoting these values can help bring about significant change to the world by making the world smaller and bringing us closer together not only with each other in our communities, but also with those other our brothers and sisters around the world.