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Side Angle of a Green Stock Market Graph
Side Angle of a Green Stock Market Graph


This section is strongly looking at ending America’s agonizing dichotomy of a tax policy that equates to “The lifestyles of the rich and homeless.” With the United States being the richest country in the world and containing 40% of global wealth (from 195 countries) we somehow still have poverty – 14% overall poverty rate with a 22% childhood poverty rate. One of the Nordic countries which is far, far smaller than ours has the lowest poverty rate in the world – 3%. If they can do with significantly less national wealth than we have then imagine what we could do? We may be the only country in the world that could actually end poverty because we have much of global wealth concentrated here.

Income inequality and poverty are the two most devastating and powerful forces globally. We need to aggressively attack and solve these two deadly issues. We have the resources and money to do so. Globally, extreme poverty kills over 20 million people each year and this needs to stop. We can do our part in the US to stop it here and to ensure that no one lives and suffers anywhere near poverty and can live a life that may allow them to maximize their potential which not only benefits them, but also our communities, our states, our nation, and Humanity at large.

We have the knowledge.
We have the technology.
We have the resources.
We just need the will to make it so.

If you have not read the two books The Spirit Level and The Inner Level which are mentioned in the section The 4 Books You Need to Read, then please do that now, because they powerfully cover income inequality.

Economies for the Common Good

See the page for the Economies for the Common Good which is under Philosophical Foundations section. This will form the core backbone for a new economic model which will care about reducing inequality, Humanity and the environment.

<insert page to read: Economies for the Common Good>


Basic Banking

  1. All banks need to be converted to publicly owned banks
  2. Banks need to loan money through consideration of the Economies for the Common Good.
  3. Post Offices should offer basic banking services in more rural areas
  4. Stop charging fees to those who have less than a certain amount in their accounts or due to low activity. This is penalizing people for NOT being rich or for being poverty stricken.
  5. Slowly stop producing coins and bills and begin the shift to an all digital economy similar what one of the Nordic states (Finland?) is trying to accomplish.

Federal Reserve

The current global monetary creation method is essentially a pyramid scheme where the bankers at the top get rich at the cost of destroying global economies (war profiteering by funding both sides of the conflict) and it is imperative to fix this.

  1. End the Federal Reserve as a private entity. It must be returned to the people.
  2. The owners of the current Federal Reserve shall have their accounts frozen and all assets returned to the US (or their respective countries from which the money was absconded from) and they shall be jailed. The Rothschilds should be jailed.
  3. Money that is created by the Federal Reserve and made available for the banks shall NOT have interest charged and shall NOT be created through the issue of bonds or any other interest of fee bearing manner (interest free money creation).
  4. End Fractional Reserve Lending – require 100% reserves for lending (Switzerland is trying to do it!)

General Economic

End Tax Malfeasance

  1. Get rid of ALL tax loopholes and greatly simplify the tax code.
  2. Return all money from tax havens to the US and it should be taxed and fined for back taxes. (Panama Papers anyone?)\
  3. All local, state, and federal governments need to perform a spending review to ensure that money is being spent how it should be. Too many politicians abuse and waste the people’s money especially for personal enrichment because accounting departments are afraid to anger the person in charge. They need to start speaking up.
  4. There needs to be an Independent Ethical Spending in Government Agency for spending oversight and for people to report abuses to.
  5. Privatization and austerity are NEVER the answer.
  6. All trade agreements have to be reevaluated period, especially for its conformance to Economies for the Common Good and Human Rights.
  7. Too big to fail is too big to exist and should be broken up.
  8. Any local national business which has a monopoly over an industry in over more than one state should be broken up. Any Transnational corporation which has the economic power of near the smallest nation should be broken up.
  9. Return the money stolen from Social Security by the Republicans and then expand Social Security
  10. Return the money stolen from the Postal Service by the Republicans and get rid of the requirement to fund retirement for 75 years in advance which no other entity has to do.
  11. All bankers and investors who have funded and profited from war should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

Wages, Taxation, and Benefits

The primary goal here is to radically and aggressively reduce income inequality and to prevent such horrors like we are seeing today from every happening again. Here is a spreadsheet on Google Sheets that puts this all together.

Wages, Salary, and Income

  1. Minimum Wage should be set to $75,000 (including 
    waiters, food servers, etc..
    ) and it should be adjusted to inflation. (Mic on Facebook 2015) (Inc 2015) (Quartz 2015) (TYT on YouTube 2019)
  2. Implement a Maximum Wage @ 9x the lowest wage ($75,000 x 9 = $675,000) including all forms of compensation monetary or not – including:
    1. stock options (?might have to relegate some of this to Wealth Tax in cases of business startups?)
    2. use of business resources (jet, housing, etc)
    3. salary
    4. everything else.
  3. Eliminate lesser minimum wages and tips for such jobs as waiters and servers, etc. One minimum wage so all can have a living wage.
  4. Golden Parachutes shall be outlawed.
  5. Progressive Basic Income of $1,000 which will be adjusted for inflation. Those at the bottom need more and those at the top need nothing.
    1. 0 – $50,000 = $1000 per month
    2. $50,000 – $85,000 = $500 per month
  6. All should get paid the same for their time. Eliminate gender inequality and other pay disparities.


  1. The US government needs to have a tax website where everyday people can file their taxes after the government has aggregated all of their basic info (W-2), etc.
  2. Progressive Personal Taxes with a Marginal Tax Rate @ 99%
  3. Progressive Corporate Taxes with a Marginal Corporate Tax Rate of 99%
  4. Get rid of tax caps (make all income taxable) which will shift the burden of payment to those of higher economic tax brackets.
  5. Investment transaction taxes:
    1. 0.5% tax on stock trades
    2. 0.1% tax on bond trades
    3. 0.005% tax on derivatives transactions.

Dynasty Prevention

  1. Progressive Net Wealth Tax of with a marginal tax rate of up to 8%
  2. Progressive Marginal Death Taxes up to 99% which should follow the standard income progressive tax rates with the inheritance itself being considered a separate entity. Effort should be made to keep businesses and organizations in tact, perhaps by turning to cooperative ownership to allow for family farms and other businesses to stay together.


Lotteries should be utilized as a powerful extension to UBI which is aimed at catapulting a person and their family beyond near comfortable and into the ability to do much, much more – invest, more education, pay off loans, buy a new car, buy some luxury items, etc…

The basic lotteries we have (scratch-offs, Powerball, MegaMillions, etc) should be ended and melded into this one nationalized program that will be implemented individually in each state.

  1. Lotteries need to be broken down into winnable chunks of $250,000 instead of one ginormous sum. This will allow more than one person to win which will actually make a difference in more people’s lives, instead of giving 1 person an insane amount of money, then blowing it all, and then destroying their lives in the process. With more people having access to more money this will lessen inequality and give more people the ability to progress and live a more fulfilling life. As an example, a million dollar prize is broken up into four $250,000 lotteries. If there is one winner drawn then 3 more (randomly selected from purchased tickets or auto-entered entries) must be selected to give out the full $1 million.
  2. This income shall be immediately taxed at the individual’s base marginal progressive tax rate which will give those who have less the ability to potentially keep all of the winnings, and those who have more to take home less.
  3. Those who have too much (perhaps income > 250k a year cannot win) as well as those with a substantial net wealth >350k.
  4. Each household can only win once a year and no more than twice in 3 years.
  5. It will be required to have at least 1 winner each week in each state. If a winner is not drawn then a winner will be drawn from the pool of those that are most in need.
  6. This will first be powered by taxation with individual entries proportional to their amount of need. Those with less will have more entries (most likely based on submitted taxes or other social analysis perhaps as entered through other governmental institution) and those who have more will have fewer or NO entries.

National Worker Benefits, and Standards

  1. Shift to a 3-4 day work week and work hours per week need to be reduced to near 21 hours per week for full time.
  2. Universal free daycare
  3. National Tracking of Benefits such as vacation, sick time, wage advancement, etc… needs to be tracked and maintained nationally so that when a person moves from one job to another that they do not lose all of the benefits that they have accumulated. A person who has worked 10 years and has given 10 years to Humanity and its progress should not lose all the benefits they have worked for when they change jobs. Companies can give more above and beyond the accumulated minimum, of course, but only the national minimums and their accumulation would be maintained as the bottom floor for the vacation and sick time for a new job. This data also needs to be easily accessible and managed online by a person.

Employment and Management

Federal Job Guarantee

A Federal Jobs Guarantee (FJG) will ensure there is work plenty of work for those in need and to be able to support those projects that are useful to society from:

  1. environmental restoration, conservation, adn remediation
  2. building and maintaining new sustainable energy
  3. building and maintaining new sustainable infrastructure
  4. caring for people in need

Cooperative and Employee Owned Businesses

  1. ​Concentrate on promoting employee owned and cooperative ownership of all businesses.
  2. Create an advertising campaign to promote Democratic Businesses with logos much like the Fair Trade with a registration and oversight organization.
  3. Grants and loan preferences as well as tax incentives for such businesses through Economies for the Common Good.

Employee Management Involvement

  1. Outlaw Right to Work Laws for they are a corporate subversion of workers rights.
  2. Strong support of unions and protection of worker rights and safety.
  3. All industries should be unionized globally.
  4. In all workplaces workers should always have a seat at the management’s table, if not own the business outright.

Tech and Infrastructure

National Infrastructures

Fund massive infrastructure work:

  1. repair the bridges and bypasses
  2. look at more sustainable and regenerative road and sidewalk options like solar roadways (there are a few countries and projects that are working on or are using this idea: Solar Roadways)
  3. general building, upgrade, and repairs such as Flint (completely rebuild and replace the cities en toto – see Comprehensive City Planning)
  4. All loans to Puerto Rico should be forgiven and terminated and be completely completely rebuild and replace the cities en toto (see Comprehensive City Planning)
  5. shift to sustainable energy, methods, and city designs
  6. create green/wild crossings
  7. start compensating for flooding due to climate change like the Nordic states are by creating flood ways where excess water can go
  8. sustainable mass transportation

Digital Government Infrastructure 

Completely redesign, integrate, and digitalize the national infrastructure similar to Estonia and Switzerland so we can join the modern era, which will increase efficiency and and increase public access to services.

Collaborative Works

Foster and promote collaborative works within and between entire industries to strengthen them including tax advantages and subsidies. Would need to keep an eye on this for abuse through shell corps and chains of corporate ownership, etc.

Democratization of Research and Distributed Computing

All computers should have a distributed computing client on it such as World Community Grid so that national or global research can utilize the combined processing power of all idle computers. The client can be different from vendor to vendor and could be uninstalled if desired. Each person should be able to decide where their spare computing power is used – democratization of research and computing power.

Research and IP Laws

Research and Development

IP Laws

  1. need to be radically changed and radically reduced for the good of the public. They are currently very broken.

Open and Free Research

  1. All governmentally funded research such as from various government agencies and all educational institutions should be public domain and available to all.
  2. All governmental or other freely available research and IP should have a single portal which can be used to access them which is:
    1. heavily categorized and tagged
    2. hierarchically structured (if possible)
    3. semantic web enabled
    4. have industry or research area based email updates so people can keep up with the current research
  3. This site/database needs to be available to have works submitted through accredited organizations so that all of Humanity will have access to it.

Open Source

We should promote and concentrate on using open source when at all possible.

Public Good Patent Buyout

We should have a government or public buyout of life saving or civilization changing patents such as medicines or fusion which could have a 5 year patent granted with a buyout plan after that so that things such as insulin and fusion could be freely and cheaply available which would benefit all of Humanity. The insulin situation is a prime example.