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Human Rights: Liberty, Justice, Human Beings, Inalienable Rights, Universal Freedom, Peace
Human Rights: Liberty, Justice, Human Beings, Inalienable Rights, Universal Freedom, Peace

last update: 21 Aug 2022

I. Human Rights

Universal Human Rights need to be a core part of how we view the world and how we look at each other. See the first section titled Philosophical Foundations for Change which contains the following sections:

  1. The 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity
  2. The Declaration of the Universal Rights of Humanity
  3. The Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth
  4. Economies for the Common Good

Combatting Bigotry, Racism, and Nationalism

II. Nationalism

  1. All laws requiring or enforcing patriotism or nationalism need to be ended for this divides us from each other and the rest of the world.
  2. End all symbols and objects of nationalism and patriotism
    1. End the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance which was created and modified out of fear of the Red Scare. This could be replaced with a pledge to all of Humanity or the entire Earth which reinforces our interdependence.
    2. End national hymns, etc.
    3. End the national flag
    4. End sections such as Sec. 176 – Respect for flag
  3. End Department of Homeland Security

III. Immigrants and Refugees

You will also want to check the following very relevant policy: US Machine for War and Terrorism.

No people are illegal, especially on stolen land.


  1. End ICE
  2. The separation of immigrant children from their parents and imprisoned shall be ended and they ALL shall be returned to their parents.
  3. Their families shall also be compensated for the extreme violation of their rights.
  4. Create an immediate path to citizenship for every single family that was effected by the child kidnapping at the border.
  5. Any politicians and companies that supported this horrific travesty shall be tried and jailed for Crimes Against Humanity.

B. Foreign Policy and Refugees

  1. If we do not want to take in refugees then we need to stop creating them around the world not only through our actions that are tantamount to social, political, and economic warfare, but also through exacerbating climate change and through NOT aggressively fighting against it; as well as promoting and not speaking out against white nationalism, racism, and other bigotries.
  2. If we have meddled with a country in one form or another, especially through regime change wars and coups, then we should automatically accept immigrants and refugees from that country, since we created the problem or have exacerbated it.
  3. The only way to deal with immigration/refugees should be to stop not only creating refugees and destroying their economies, but also systematically working to quickly move 2nd and 3rd world countries to 1st world status. As an example of this: We do not have issues with illegal immigration from Europe. Why? Because they White and from the “Global North”. Therefore, if we want to solve this issue then we must work as quickly as possible to lift all nations out of developing status and into “First World” status.

C. General Immigration Policy

  1. End all deportations and immediately create a path for anyone to return who has not committed a violent crime.
  2. It takes more money to attempt to keep immigrants and refugees out then it does to process and accept them. Once they are here legally then they start paying taxes and become productive and free members of society. By not allowing them a viable path towards legal standing we are missing out on their productivity and taxes, as well as their education, skills, and innovation. How many of the US’s Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 companies are due to immigrants?
  3. We can reduce illegal immigration by making it easier to immigrate by starting with setting up several very large immigration centers on the US and Mexico border which should include an expedited immigration process, classes on citizenship, cultural integration, housing and job matching with employer and housing partners throughout the country, and free daily English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.
  4. In general, ESL classes need to be free for all who want them. Paid Time Off should be given off from work in order to attend these classes which could also be taught on work sites too.

IV. Colonialism, Slavery, and Indigenous Genocide

A. The First Peoples

  1. Columbus Day needs to be switched to Indigenous People’s Day.
  2. Indigenous languages, history, and medicine should be recorded and codified so we do not lose them and so they can be taught in our schools. They are an integral and important part of human history
  3. Attempt to honor the treaties to the First Peoples and return cognizance of tribal lands over to the tribes themselves, instead of having them federally managed which has been tantamount to genocide.
  4. Reparations (trillions of dollars) shall be given to the tribes of the First Peoples in order to elevate their infrastructure to “First World” status.
  5. Our educational systems need to teach the history of the First Peoples as well as local indigenous languages.

B. Colonialism Awareness

  1. Thanksgiving should be switched to Colonialism Awareness and Reparations Day.
  2. Apologize and attempt to make reparations for colonialism and genocide of Africans, the First Peoples, and other indigenous peoples.
  3. Teach about colonialism, slavery, and structural and systemic racism in schools and through PSA’s.
  4. Teach the economic basis for the creation of slavery and racism.

C. Reparations

This will have to be dealt with in 4 large stages. Much of my policies are working towards this in general, but there is a bit more we will have to do to get us there.

  1. Wealth Inequality – Reparations (trillions of dollars) shall be given to help end the massive level of net wealth disparity between People of Color and European Americans.
  2. Income Inequality – This can be done through my various policies such as a high minimum wage, low maximum wage, Federal Jobs Guarantee, and a Progressive Basic income; universal healthcare and universal education.
  3. Infrastructure Inequality – ??
  4. End the Systems of Oppression – Any talk about reparations MUST include dealing with ending the systems of oppression, otherwise, once the reparations money starts flowing then angry racist peoples will say “You got your money, so we are NOW post-racism!“. Then, about 3 generations (~60 years) later, we will be back near where we started because the money has been siphoned off and stolen through the systemic and structural racism inherent to Capitalism; and People of Color will still be suffering again, meaning no real progress having been made.

    We can work on dealing with the systems of oppression through much of what my policies are already doing which includes some of the following:
    1. Defund the Police and ending the following:
      1. War on Drugs (1971+)
      2. Mass Incarceration (1973+)
      3. Mandatory Minimum Sentences (Bill Clinton/Joe Biden, 90’s)
      4. Three-Strikes Law (Bill Clinton/Joe Biden, 90’s)
      5. Mandatory Minimum Sentences (Bill Clinton/Joe Biden, 90’s)
      6. Increase in prisons (Bill Clinton/Joe Biden , 90’s)
      7. Increase in officers (Bill Clinton/Joe Biden , 90’s)
      8. Prison Privatization (2000’s)
      9. School to Prison Pipeline (2000’s)
    2. ending Red Lining, gentrification, etc
    3. restructuring education systems to talk about empathy and solidarity, while also talking about our horrific history of genocide and oppression and the economic drivers for it.
    4. and much, much more

Read More:

V. Consensual Crimes

A. Drugs

  1. All drugs must be decriminalized, legalized, and regulated.
  2. Addiction and abuse must be treated as a social health issue.
  3. Those convicted of non-violent offenses should be immediately released and have records expunged.
  4. Those who have been imprisoned for drugs should benefit first from drug and hemp legalization.
  5. Free counseling, education, and job retraining programs should be made immediately available to them to help acclimate them to their new found freedom.
  6. Have areas manage by public health workers as safe spaces for public drug use.
  7. We should look heavily into the powerful medical uses of THC and LSD.

B. Sex Work

  1. Sex work must be decriminalized, legalized, and regulated.
  2. Those convicted of non-violent offenses should be immediately released and records expunged.
  3. Retraining should be made available.
  4. Repeal SESTA and FOSTA (Some More News’ coverage)
  5. my article on sex work

C. Assisted suicide

  • needs to be legalized nationwide

VI. Universal Basic Services (UBS) as a Human Right

A. Food

  1. Food and water are Human Rights
  2. Excess food should be sent to shelters and food pantries instead of wasted, especially since the US throws out 40% of its foods supply each year.
  3. An organization should be created to facilitate this process. Tax incentives should also be apart of this solution.

B. Housing

1. General

  1. Housing is a Human Right.
  2. Housing First needs to be how we start. Rehabilitation and dealing with mental illness or addiction cannot begin until one has a place to live. In many cases those issues are caused by homelessness.
  3. We need a Tenants Bill of Rights which could include a First Right of Refusal so that tenants could purchase the housing first before others could.
  4. For every homeless person in this country there are 31 places to live just sitting there empty, half of which are investment problems. Housing itself is NOT the problem.

2. Paying for It

  1. It is 3 times cheaper to house the homeless than to not do so.
  2. Excess housing should be used to house the homeless.
  3. Taxes should be increased on any investment property if there is any level of homelessness or empty housing in the area.
  4. If needed, use eminent domain to claim housing, apartments, or land in order to house the homeless or to create low income housing.
  5. We could concentrate on purchasing local rundown and abandoned blocks to build upon, potentially using eminent domain.
  6. Community Land Trusts (CLT) could also be used to to buy up real estate for public housing uses.
  7. Coop base non-market housing should be publicly funded.
  8. Housing prices need to be regulated to fall between being affordable between the minimum wage (or below) and the maximum wage.

3. Community Universal Housing Developments (CUHD)

Fund a federally created Community Universal Housing Developments (CUHD) plan:

  1. Intentionally Diverse if at all possible:
    1. mixed income
    2. intergenerational
    3. ethnic, racial, religious, etc
  2. costs from free (universal housing) to proportional to income with emphasis on ending homelessness
  3. should be created with thoughts of integrating free access to the following through a Federal Jobs Guarantee (FJG):
    1. child care
    2. public utilities such as internet and sustainable energy
    3. locally growing organic food using vertical farming
    4. community areas
    5. light post office service access
    6. resource sharing services such as library, and sharing bikes, tools, and much more
    7. small office spaces for tenant use
    8. spacious living spaces
    9. green spaces and green walls
    10. sustainable mass transportation options
    11. fitness center with trainer and nutritionists, etc
  4. access to more compact coffin living spaces

C. Transportation

  1. Transportation is a Human Right and should be free for all.
  2. There should be no new roads created, because more roads means more cars and more pollution. Only new mass transportation should be created while phasing out roadways to be used for mass transportation and/or green spaces.
  3. Public Transport Can Be Free (Jacobin, Aug 2018)

D. Clothing

  1. Clothing is a Human Right.
  2. Excess clothing should likewise be sent to shelters and food pantries instead of wasted.

E. Internet

  1. Internet access is a Human Right and should be free for all.
  2. The Internet should be classified as a public utility and nationalized or municipally owned.
  3. Costs for internet should be from free to proportional to income. All need access to the internet.

F. Daycare

  1. Access to daycare is a human right and should be free and universally available.

F. Utilities

  1. All energy production should be classified as a public utility and made public and non-profit.
  2. See Environment and Sustainability policies for more in depth policies.

VII. Metrics

  1. Shift to the Metric System
  2. Shift to the 24 hour clock
  3. End Daylight Saving which kills people. [ Time Daylight Saving Time (Last Week Tonight) ]
  4. Adopt a secondary timekeeping global method – metric time
  5. Reformed International Fixed Calendar (IFC)

VIII. Religious Abuses

The US is a melting pot and is becoming more and more diverse every day with religious affiliations as broad as the many sects and denominations of :

  • Agnostic
  • Atheist
  • Baha’i Faith
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Humanist
  • Muslim
  • Native American religions
  • Pagan
  • Satanist
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • Wiccan
  • Zoroastrian
  • …and many, many more…

…we need to ensure that our government serves and represents ALL of the people and not just a religious majority. We also need to prevent the many harms and abuses of religions.

  1. Ban Gay Conversion therapy.
  2. Ban on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) for anyone under 18 years of age.
  3. Blue Laws need to be terminated.
  4. Blasphemy laws need to be ended.
  5. All laws that require religious tests to hold office must be terminated. They are already unconstitutional.
  6. Remove religious iconography, phrases, etc from government sponsored things or things on government grounds unless you are willing to allow ALL other religions to do the same and specifically plan for it, otherwise it violates the First Amendment. As well:
    1. remove “In God We Trust” from everything (money, etc).
    2. remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance (which itself should be ended).
    3. remove 10 Commandments statues, plaques, etc
    4. and no selling that public ground to a private organization to get around this for this is a violation of the spirit of the law and the social contract
  7. Any religious organization that does not report rape, violence or any other form of abuse must be held accountable and jailed if necessary.
  8. A religious organization cannot have their own private court systems, police forces, or militaries which end up subverting laws, human rights, and harming or killing innocent people.
  9. Religiously based organizations such as child care centers must NOT have exemptions to health and safety laws. Children are being traumatized and are dying because of this ridiculousness.
  10. Safe zones around family planning, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations targeted by right-wing organizations.

IX. Olympic Arenas

The Olympics needs to be radically reformed, because there is so much waste involved. Countries lobby for the right to hold the Olympics there just because of the potential financial gain from tourism which is itself a capitalism problem. They spend billions of dollars in creating Olympic competitive arenas as well as pushing homelessness and poverty off to the side to hide it, and then, once the games are over, these Olympic arena spaces sit there rotting forever with all of that land, resources, and money just being flushed down the toilet.

With as much poverty and suffering as there is globally this is a massive travesty the likes of which should never be allowed to happen. All of these land, resources, and all of this money has gone to complete waste. Either these places shall be required to have a permanent long-term post Olympics usage plan or it should NOT be done. Perhaps better yet, there should be permanent places around the world which are operating yearly and are certified as a Olympic quality facilities so that people can practice and use the facilities so we do not have to have all of this waste.

X. Food Monitoring and Testing

The Food portion of the FDA is horrifically underfunded and this needs to be fixed.

  1. We need to separate the F from the FDA and merge it with the USDA and make it the US Food Administration (USFA) 
  2. Make the rest of it (the DA) into the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
  3. Set the budget for the USFA proportional to what needs to be monitored and/or tested.
  4. Build a new streamlined food monitoring and testing system/process from the ground up.

Food Safety (Last Week Tonight, Oct 2023)

XI. Other Issues

  1. Beauty Contests – ​Stop all beauty contests of all sorts and of all ages, especially kids. We need to celebrate intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, kindness, leadership, fairness, cooperation, and compassion. Let us celebrate things that really matter and that really make a person and the whole world beautiful.
  2. Fireworks should be banned:
    1. frightens some birds to death (panic attacks)
    2. wild animals raising babies abandon their dens/nest in fear/disorients them, whose babies then die of starvation
    3. fish and other animals perish after ingesting fireworks debris
    4. terrifies wildlife
    5. companion animals and pets have anxiety attacks and panic attacks
    6. bees become so disoriented they don’t go back to their hives
    7. results in injuries to humans and non-humans
    8. veterans and others with trauma, and/PTSD
    9. causes pollution on land, sea, and in the air
    10. use child labor for production
    11. are filled with toxins, many of which are carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals