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The Interstellar New Deal (IND) is sort of organized in the order that I think that we should work through these policies. I will explain my thoughts and reasoning for this order in their respective sections.

Essential Structural Order

Effectively, the IND can be broken up into three essential phases which do not necessarily happen one after the other, but may happen in concert at many times, and, at other times, some parts of some phases have to happen before others.

Below are the three essential phases to the Interstellar New Deal, the bulk of which happens in the second phase, however, the most important is the first phase:

  1. Philosophical Foundations (4 sections)
  2. Global Domestic Policies (10 sections)
  3. Evolving Humanity Beyond War, Poverty, and Suffering (1 section)

1. Philosophical Foundations

Philosophical Foundations must come first in order to create a social values system which would allow the rest to follow. The bedrock for long lasting social, economic, environmental, or well… any change is a values change. If we do not change our values then any changes we force will be temporary because we do NOT have the values to maintain and support them.

Once we have established a powerful universal social values system which is based upon interdependence, and values Humanity and the Natural World, then the next step would be to codify protected rights for all which then can guide value-driven laws. These would be codified into Universal Declarations to help educate the world and to be used to forge new policies based on the Values and Rights.

Then we use the Economies for the Common Good as a framework and model to help to reinforce values and protected rights through policy and economic reinforcement.

2. Global Domestic Policies

Using our new Philosophical Foundation and the Universal Declarations, along with the Economies for the common good framework we can then create policies to move Humanity forward.

3. Evolving Humanity

Lastly, with all that in place and working, we can then work to Evolving Humanity to the next stage of our evolution – a Humanity Beyond War, Poverty, and Suffering.