Suggested Order of Work

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This Interstellar New Deal (IND) is organized in the order that I think that we should work through these policies. I will explain my thoughts and reasoning for this order in their respective sections

Effectively, the IND can be broken up into 3 essential phases which do not necessarily happen one after the other, but may happen in concert at many times, and, at other times, some parts of some phases have to happen before others.

Below are the three essential phases to the Interstellar New Deal, the bulk of which happens in the second phase:

  1. Planning for an Interstellar Humanity (1 section)
  2. Global Domestic Policies (10 sections)
  3. Evolving Humanity Beyond War, Poverty, and Suffering (1 section)

Ok, yes, to be fair the Planning for Interstellar Humanity phase probably should really be found within Phase II, but I think it really seems appropriate that my Global Domestic Policies are book-ended by both the inspiring call for Interstellar Humanity as well as with a Humanity that has Evolved Beyond War, Poverty, and Suffering.