Philosophical Foundations for Humanity’s Transformation

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That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture and values.

Jacque Fresco (The Venus Project)

Once we have a major long term interstellar goal set, then we need to work on correcting Humanity’s severely broken value system which is perhaps the most important part of this whole transformational process, because doing so will have far reaching positive consequences the likes of which we could only dream of. Plus, if we did not make a values change then no matter what reforms we pass they will always be undone, as we are currently (2019) seeing with over 50 years of progress being undone by the current administration in the United States.

Our society is broken, fractured by a complete lack of a moral compass with which to relate to each other and the environment not only in everyday life but also within our corporate and political processes too. There is a complete separation between the social, environmental, corporate, and political spheres which has caused horrific damage. We need to end this separation so that we can all realize that all of the spheres of the public are interdependent upon each other. They all affect one another and must exist harmoniously or harm will come to all.

For thousands and thousands of years monetary systems, like a cancerous plague, have been infecting Humanity’s thoughts and way of life because the ethical and value system that is required in order for it to flourish requires it to be devoid of empathy and compassion, as well as being devoid of honoring or acknowledging our mutual interdependence resulting in untold war, poverty, suffering, and environmental destruction.

We are ALL suffering from the horrors of competition or profit-at-any-cost via monetary systems. If we had an ethical and moral value system of any sort then many of the problems we have now would never have happened. Monetary systems flourish because it, unfortunately, requires the separation of spheres in order to run wild and unbridled like a stampede of wild horses tearing through our lives destroying and mangling all in its path.

This needs to be changed and it can be changed. We need to invoke a value system which not only acknowledges our interdependence, but which also finds our interdependence is sacred and reverential, and is core to how we think about and work within our day-to-day lives as well as in the political and corporate arenas too.

With the ubiquity of powerful eco-humanistic values throughout all aspects of our lives (social, economic, corporate, political, religious) all of the other reforms would follow as a natural result, although such things would take a generation or two, which is time we do not have; however, instituting a value change is the first step towards lasting change and the potential to save Humanity and to have us to survive and flourish long enough to eventually become a powerful K2 Interstellar Civilization and more (see my post on The Kardashev Scale).

To help bring Humanity back to a philosophical system which honors and acknowledges our interdependence with the each other and the natural world we will use these 4 basic tools to get us started:

  1. The 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity
  2. The Declaration of the Universal Rights of Humanity
  3. The Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth
  4. Economies for the Common Good

Read each of these sections so I can go over each why these are important and how they will help us.