Health Care

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Health Care Rreform
Health Care Rreform


Health Care is a Human Right.

We do not have a health care system in America.
We have a sick care system.

We need to ensure that our educational, social, economic, and political systems work to maximize each person’s health and are not able to work towards and profit off people being sick otherwise they will need a perpetual supply of sick people in order to sustain their business.

Corporate Corruption

Health Insurance Companies

  1. Health insurance companies shall be ended.
  2. All healthcare loans and bills shall be terminated.
  3. We need to reinstate the law that states healthcare companies cannot be for-profit institutions for there is no profit to be made by keeping people truly healthy.
  4. The CDC and the FDA need to be returned to the people and out from the ownership of the pharmaceutical and agricorp industries, so that they work to help protect the people and the environment, and NOT the corporations.

Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. We shall bargain for reasonable drug prices including importing drugs from those countries or those whose drugs meet our quality and testing standards in an effort to lower drug costs.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies cannot advertise. The use or non-use is up to medical institutions, doctors, and prevailing research.
  3. Pharmaceutical companies should be non-profit.
  4. Aggressively attack anticompetitive practices


  1. We need to end the vaccine court
  2. Vaccine makers need to be liable
  3. Vaccines need to be appropriately tested and approved. Their approval through the FDA should not just bought and paid for by corporate lobbyist and dark money.

Health Care System

Health Care Industry

  1. All hospitals should utilize organic food for their meals and not the horrible processed stuff. Food is medicine so feeding patients processed stuff will be exacerbating whatever problem the patient is having. It would be even better if they had their own organic hydro/aqua/aeroponic farm on site. Perhaps, their menus should start with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet to help ensure that the food they serve does not exacerbate a patient’s medical issue.
  2. Those who work in healthcare should also be the healthiest people around otherwise those institutions and their policies are failures.
  3. Some of the first questions healthcare people should ask about should be: diet, exercise, and home life (food, housing, clothing, abuse, etc…), for these factors are some of the most powerful that may determine mental and physical health – biopsychosocial factors.

Universal Health Care

  1. Universal and free access to healthcare including:
    1. mental health
    2. vision, dental
    3. chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture
    4. physical trainers, gym memberships, nutritionists, dietitians
    5. yoga, meditation, Tai-chi, martial arts, etc
    6. full pharmaceutical coverage
    7. long-term care
    8. funeral and burial services
    9. others…
  2. End all medical debt
  3. Universal access to sick time (minimum of 2 weeks).
  4. Flexible time for exercise should be made available even during the work day.
  5. Plentiful access to vacation (minimum of 2 months), parental childbirth leave (1 year each), bereavement leave.


  1. Food is Medicine: organic and healthy food as well as exercise should be able to be paid for or expanded with doctor’s prescription.
  2. Food Nutrition Labels
    1. We need to reformulate food nutrition labels so that they are much more truthful and informative, such as using color coding and other methods which can help people make better choices when shopping.
    2. We need much more strict control over the labeling process and what businesses can say is in them. These labels need to be easy to read, transparent, and not allowing businesses to hide things from the consumer so that they cannot make an educated decision.
    3. Perhaps, we even need to go so far as to have each item have its own page on the internet so that a consumer can get more elaborate nutritional and production info on that product. The packaging could have a QR code which could contain the link to the product page.

Families and Family Planning

Family Planning is a Human Right.

  1. Family planning and the various birth control options are a human right and are fundamental to personal freedom and choice.
  2. Abortion is not something to be legislated. It is between the woman, her partner(s), and her doctor.
  3. Family planning and parental classes should be freely available and there should be paid time off of work in order to be able to attend such classes and counseling.
  4. There should be national database and website of parenting classes and research to educate our parents as well as give them access to quality research and parental models and techniques.
  5. Paid time off should be available for family planning.