An Important Concept You MUST Understand for ALL of Politics!5 min read

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All people who vote or are involved with politics really need to understand what I am about to say in this page. This will also help you to understand my policies and why they are put together the way that they are.

In thinking to myself, like I often do, and because I did run for a local office in 2020, I have considered how I would handle questions from journalists, reporters, or even potential constituents such as “How would you solve this issue?” or “What is the main way to tackle this problem?“. And, when I stand there looking like an idiot seemingly incapable of answering what seems like a very innocuous, simple question, or everyday question, what really is happening behind my glazed over eyes and the frantic squeaks of squirrels spinning in their wheels in my head is that my mind is crunching through how to answer the question in a meaningful way, and I want to explain why this is. Also, I want to attempt to point out why those who give you a clean quotable or sound bite aren’t really answering the question in a meaningful way which is something you should be very wary of.

I. Any Solution To Any Problem in Politics is NEVER Simple or Quotable

When thinking about answering a policy question (or even writing blog posts on a given topic like I do) I struggle to come up with a simple answer because there are so many dots to connect and so many issues that are related that it is difficult to find a starting point to talk about an issue, or to find a pathway to give an short and intelligent answer that is not completely reductionist in nature and that does not really answer the question in a powerful or meaningful way.

Any solution to any problem is NEVER as simple as just one thought or policy, or anything that could be considered quotable. Honestly, if a politician or policy maker gives you a simple response then one of 3 things are true:

  1. They really do NOT understand the inherent complexities and interdependence of the issue.
  2. They are trying to sell you down the river to their corporate owners who have given them their approved pre-written legislation, issue framing, and talking points.
  3. They don’t want to or cannot take the time to fully answer the question.

Honestly, complex answers are NOT sexy or easy to digest especially by a populace (including myself) which has suffered through an education system which has been under continuous assault over the last 50 years. Because of this, many politicians give easy to digest answers to get rid of people such as their constituents, activists, or reporters because they want to give a feel good answer, a quotable, or a simple sound bite which will appease the questioner, make them look good, or which will also hopefully keep the questioner from researching the issue and to truly attempt to hold the politician accountable on that issue and all other issues. The politician is looking to make the questioner feel good so that they will not think. An unthinking constituent is one that is easy to manipulate and to make money off of.

II. To Fix One Issue We Must Fix All of The Issues

A. The Interdependence of ALL Things

Now, to help you understand why this is, as well as to really get the most out any answer, my policies, or just about any issue of political significance then you really need to have at least a basic understanding of the following concept – that all things are interdependent. In a recent blog post of mine titled The Tao of Entropy and Syntropy within Human Social Systems (Free Xenon, Jul 2023) I start with the the Law of Conservation of Energy to show that interdependence and systems theory is how the universe and all things are setup. This is currently one the most important concepts to really start to wrap your mind around, because the policies that you find here on my site, The Interstellar New Deal, are setup and designed with that very core conceptual understanding. This fact is why in my 8 Philosophical Pillars for Peace that Interdependence is the first and most important of the pillars.

B. Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs and the Biopsychosocial Model

One way to start thinking about the interdependence of all things and all issues is through the following two concepts:

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Biopsychosocial model

Really, please take the time to at least read through my below post and watch the videos from it before you read my recommended books or read through my policies:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Biopsychosocial Model

Understanding these two concepts can give a great starting place to start asking intelligent questions not only for your own inquiry but for your politicians and policy makers.

C. Example of Issue Interdependence

Here is a quick example that may help to illustrate how issues are interdependent upon each other:

  1. To solve educational issues you must solve economic issues.
  2. To solve economic issues you must solve electoral issues.
  3. To solve electoral issues you must solve political corruption.
  4. To solve political corruption you must solve criminal justice issues.
  5. To solve criminal justice issues you must solve societal moral and value issues.
  6. To solve solve societal moral and value issues you must solve educational issues.

…and so, on round and round from issue to issue. To truly fix one issue we must work towards making all other broken parts of our existence considerably better, because having even just one part significantly broken for even one person will affect and break all others.

We cannot just fix the issues with our education system by just throwing money at it if our students and families are: homeless, impoverished, do NOT have healthcare, do not feel that they have an electoral voice, have fears of being murdered by the police because of their skin color, or are suffering from poisoned food or water due to corporate and/or political fraud, negligence or malfeasance.

III. The Real Simple and Quotable Answer:

Yes, I do recognize the irony in what I am about to say: – the real simple answer is:

To solve one problem you must solve all of the problems because they are all intersectional, interdependent, and interconnected.

James O’Neill, The Interstellar New Deal

The only answers that you should accept are ones which are based in or are framed on our mutual interdependence not only with each other, but also the natural world.