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James O’Neill was born in Illinois, but was raised and lived most of his life as a native of south-central Wisconsin. His childhood was that of a normal middle class latch-key child of the 80’s. As an unassuming, introspective, and introverted child he was a bit of a social outcast. Being a band nerd, having severe acne, helmet hair, as well as being passionate about computers and role playing role games sure did not help his social status either. =)

Author - James O'Neill
Author – James O’Neill

Following graduating high school he enlisted into the US Navy as a way to afford college. He served on the USS Enterprise as a nuclear reactor operator during the Persian Gulf War. After his 6 year stint in the military he graduated from college with a BS in Computer Information Systems (computer programming) and an additional AS in Computer Networking Technologies (computer networking). Once he graduated from college he travel through Europe for 10 weeks visiting friends in Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, and Belarus. Now, he is a husband to an amazing Belorussian wife and a father to a beautiful daughter.

The journey that led James to this book started with caring about civil rights – specifically the issue of same-sex marriage in his home state of Wisconsin, and then his research and concern greatly widened from there. In his journey into attempting to understand how and why Humanity was so very messed up allowing such horrific things as bigotry, war, poverty, racism, and pollution has led him to research everything from evolutionary sciences and US imperialism to prostitution, Christian history, theology, and philosophy, as wells as divine feminine theology.

In his search to attempt to question everything, even the very foundations of human societies as we know them, he has also researched topics such as calendar reform, linguistics, individual sovereignty, and the harms of religion, nationalism, inequality, and monetary systems. This journey also included engaging in micronationalism having participated in the micronations of:

… as well as finding out about such powerful ideals and organizations as:

As a part of this journey into understanding he has taken the time to distill and write many of his thoughts down through his blog which has taken a few different forms over the last decade or more. The current incarnation is FreeXenon.com which is where The Interstellar New Deal is directly derived and originates from.

The font of knowledge is wide and deep, but we must challenge ourselves to drink from it daily to attempt to quench our never ending ignorance with a thirst for truth, compassion, and understanding. This work is a direct product of that search in hopes to help Humanity to understand why and how it has failed so miserably to bring peace to itself for over 12 thousand years.