Seagull Nebula from NASA Seagull Nebula from NASA

Interstellar New Deal is Online!1 min read

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Site is Online

The Interstellar New Deal has been moved from a single ginormous ~60 page single-page from my blog ( to here in order to be able to better organize it and to expand it. This site will be under construction for quite a while as I get things in order and to expand the text, as well as to pull-in various posts of mine that I refer to.

Styling and Presentation Work

I still have a bunch of styling and presentation work to do in order to have the site look a bit more unified. Fortunately, the theme from my blog worked well for this site too, so a lot of the work was already done from there, so now I just have to adjust it for this new look.


I will also be attempting to format this as a book too with hopes that someone could download the whole thing as PDF or eBook. Currently, this is not going so well, but we shall see how that turns out.


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